yoga healing survivor

My Name is halli jastaran faulkner

I teach healing yoga workshops for

Women who have experienced sexual trauma.

I am a survivor, teacher, and healer.

Halli started practicing yoga and meditation when she was 17 years old.

In 2012, she fell in love with yoga as a tool for processing trauma, healing deep wounds, and connecting with her destiny.

In 2014, Halli trained with Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles to become a certified kundalini yoga teacher. She is also trained in teaching kids yoga and trauma-informed yoga.

Musician Snatam Kaur reminds us that "love pours forth from the heart of the universe" – it is this love that Halli expresses in her Woman Warrior workshops. She leads, teaches, pushes, and empowers with love - understanding that survivors already have exactly what they need to heal.